Who and what is the Racing Mentor?

What do you do?

This website is full of free content that will help you to fund your racing career but it goes beyond simple blog posts. There are podcasts in the making and I have special content available to anyone who subscribes to the Racing Mentor newsletter (click here!).

In addition to all this, I have limited time available to offer one-on-one mentoring sessions that involve some Skype time with me, email support and the odd Whatsapp chat too. There’s lots more premium content and assistance to come in the future too.

In short, I can teach you to find sponsors to take your racing career to the next level.

What guidance do you offer?

The blog

On the blog you’ll find all sorts of helpful content on picking up sponsorship, developing your brand and growing your following.


We have a number of downloadable resources available to help you create your pitch, get in touch with the right people and get positive responses. By far, the most valuable of these are the sponsorship email templates, you can just copy and paste them for seven easy wins.


We already have a simple video course available for free to racing drivers. Check it out here. But there are plenty more in development including 10 Steps to Your Next Sponsor and How to Become a Motorsport Journalist.


Each session is tailored to you so before we even buy prednisone start I’ll ask you to fill out a form that will let me get to know who you are and what you’re looking to get from sponsors. The first session will allow me get to know you a bit more and determine what you’ve been doing so far. I’ll be able to guide you on where you’ve been going wrong and will give you some tips. We can even look at a previous email you’ve sent to a potential sponsor. The goal is to get you in a position where you can successfully identify relevant businesses and pitch for sponsorship.

Former team boss, journalist and PR

I’ve worked with teams and drivers across a number of series and back when I worked in karting, I made all the same mistakes you did. I was finding my feet but over the years I’ve honed my sales skills and worked out an approach that has a great success rate.

As for the out-of-work stuff, I like V8s, high heels and strong cups of tea. Race tracks are my happy place. Oh, and I make videos about cars.

Contact: jess@racingmentor.com | Tel: 01603 859887

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