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Sponsorship Bootcamp

Sponsorship Bootcamp

The Sponsorship Bootcamp is designed to teach you the basics of searching for sponsorship. If you’re new to the search, this is the best place to start. It’s a beginner’s course that will take you through defining your offering, researching potential sponsors, writing the pitch and following up. Sign up here.

sponsorship email templates

Email templates

If you’re struggling to write a pitch email to a potential sponsor, these email templates will help. They’ll take you through a number of email templates designed to get the attention of a sponsor, keep them interested, follow up and close the deal. All you have to do is copy and paste. Find out more here.

pre pitch download

Pre-pitch checklist

Make sure you get this pitch email right every time. The pre-pitch checklist will take you through everything a sponsorship email should contain, from the name of the decision maker through to a winning call-to-action that encourages your prospect to consider your proposal and respond. Download it here.

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Sales basics for racing drivers

If you don’t have a sales background this can be really tricky and if you’re not used to getting on the phone and pestering people, it’s going to be even harder to get in touch with those that truly could benefit from what you’re doing.

Racing Mentor joins forces with Student Motorsport

We’re pleased to announce that we’re teaming up with Student Motorsport, a portal that helps students make their way into a motorsport career. The partnership with usher in a new era of Racing Mentor courses for drivers and engineers.

Jess Shanahan

Team Boss, PR, Journalist and Mentor

“One of my greatest joys is to see drivers get on track, appear in the press and have the backing to follow their dreams.”

Jess is available for one-on-one mentoring to help you bring in more sponsorship to fund your racing career whether you’re a club driver, about to step up to GT racing or see Formula One as your end goal.

She’s a racing team boss, motoring journalist and PR having worked with the likes of Rebecca Racer, Team Hard, Motorsport Days and more.

One-on-one coaching

For driver serious about taking their career to the next level, I offer sponsorship coaching, media training and mentoring. These are tailored to you and each session is different based on your needs.

Whether you are looking to move from karting to cars, need to take the next step up the ladder, or have been offered a unique opportunity that you need to raise funds for, coaching can help.

I also offer media training sessions, ongoing text and email support, proposal reviews and sponsorship pack design.

Find out more here.

“The coaching was one of the best things we have done, as it has given us all a boost of confidence in how to approach people and businesses.”

Lewis Galer

Racing driver

Jess Shanahan


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