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How to maximise your track-side media presence

What’s your story? What’s your personality like? What’re your goals and ambitions? Fans want to connect with you, and if you give them a reason to follow you through countless race weekends, that’s a powerful tool, especially as it puts you in a more marketable position for sponsors.

Coffee: Your secret sponsorship weapon

I shared something from Ramit Sethi of IWT on the Racing Mentor Facebook community page. It gave an example of an email Ramit opened in 30 seconds and shows that coffee is key but not the clincher.

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Jess Shanahan

Team Boss, PR, Journalist and Mentor

“One of my greatest joys is to see drivers get on track, appear in the press and have the backing to follow their dreams.”

Jess is available for one-on-one mentoring to help you bring in more sponsorship to fund your racing career whether you’re a club driver, about to step up to GT racing or see Formula One as your end goal.

She’s a racing team boss, motoring journalist and PR having worked with the likes of Rebecca Racer, Team Hard, Motorsport Days and more.

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