Racing Mentor partners with Team Holmes Motorsport

8 May 2017 | Jess Shanahan

fb_img_1493930489188When I started Racing Mentor I wanted to help drivers from all walks of life; from those looking to take the step up towards GT racing and touring cars, through to drivers just starting out. Searching for sponsorship is particularly hard if you’re in the latter category but it’s certainly not impossible.

Through the Sponsorship Bootcamp I encourage drivers to practice their pitching skills on the Racing Mentor and I’m really pleased to announce that one such pitch really impressed me.

I’ve been following Nick Holmes across social media for a while now and have been consistently impressed with the brand he’s building as well as his social media presence and ability to get people involved. We’re going to be working together to grow the Racing Mentor profile while bringing more sponsors to the team. We’ll have plenty more to announce over the coming season.

The team’s reach can benefit the Racing Mentor brand greatly as much of their following is made up of racing drivers and teams.

10933887_633969003404523_4891557689548220064_nHolmes says: “I’m really excited about this partnership. I’ve been following Jess’ work for some time now and the info and attention to detail that has made the Racing Mentor such a fantastic tool for anybody looking to join the racing ranks. It’s been exactly what we needed.

“After doing the Sponsorship Bootcamp we managed to land a new sponsor in Racinglines and this is even before we’ve finished building our first car, which is really exciting for the future.

“I’m looking forward to progressing from the very beginning of my career with the Racing Mentor to show what a really useful tool it has been and will be for future partnerships.”

I’m so pleased the Sponsorship Bootcamp is doing as intended to help drivers pick up new sponsors. I’m very much looking forward to working with Team Holmes Motorsport. Watch this space as we’ll be announcing more plans very soon.

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