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Females in Motorsport: How to get paid to race

A feature about Jess, Racing Mentor and Get Paid to Race on the Females in Motorsport website.

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Sponsorship and Media Engagement talk

Jess was asked to speak at the MotorsportDays.LIVE conference where Get Paid to Race was launched. She spoke about sponsorship and media engagement alongside Louise Goodman, Ivor Bourne and Charlie Martin.

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Behind the Book: Get Paid to Race

Read an interview with Jess on her experiences writing Get Paid to Race and her advice for fellow authors.

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DriveTribe: How to get paid to race

An article written for DriveTribe on what it takes to get paid to race. This was featured on the homepage and in the motorsport category.

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I Am New Generation: Managing mental health at work

Jess was quoted as part of an article on I Am New Generation all about how business owners manage their mental health at work.

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The Telegraph: The tech-enhanced worker

Jess worked with Unum on a report about different types of workers. She was the tech-enhanced worker and featured in The Telegraph.

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The Overtake: DIY Books

A piece in which Jess talks about the decision to self-publish the Racing Mentor book, Get Paid to Race.

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Pick Yourself: From freelance marketer to Racing Mentor

A piece on the Pick Yourself website about how Jess went from marketing professional to setting up Racing Mentor.

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MJW: Five minutes with Jess Shanahan

MJ Willis interviewed Jess about her motorsport career, Racing Mentor and status as a fashion influencer.

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Paddock Magazine: The journey to F1

Paddock Magazine wanted Jess’s comment on Formula One and how it influences racing series further down the ladder.

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Motorsport Sisterhood: Woman of the Week

Jess was interviewed by the Motorsport Sisterhood as its woman of the week.

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Moving On: Pole Position in Motorsport

A piece written¬†about motorsport careers for Moving On’s 13-19 year-old audience.

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Helena Hicks: How to become a Motorsport PR and Journalist

Helena Hicks interviewed Racing Mentor boss, Jess Shanahan about what it’s like to be a motorsport PR and journalist.

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Untitled Car Show Podcast

Jess interviewed about all things cars and racing on the Untitled Car Show podcast.

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Endurance and GT: Racing Mentor joins Student Motorsport

Endurance and GT magazine did a write up on Student Motorsport and the partnership with Racing Mentor.

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