004: Moving up the racing ranks

An interview with Rob Hedley of BritCar

More about BritCar

13:09 – Read about the 2016 championship battle over on The Checkered Flag

14:50 – Britcar feeds to British GT, GT Open, European Le Mans, DTM and more.

18:00 – Approximate costs of cars –

  • Class 1 – GT3 – Approx £400,000 for the car, £150,000 to run competitively for the year
  • Class 2 – Approx £200,000 for the car (such as a Ferrari or Lamborghini), below £100,000 for the year
  • Class 3 – GT4 or equivalent –  Approx £100k for the car, below £100,000 for the year
  • Class 4 & 5 – Such as M3 BMW, Seat Leon, Smart Car, Fiesta, MINI Challenge and similar – A MINI would cost around £20,000-£30,000 to run for the year

21:30 – £2000 for one race in a class 4 or 5 car, up to £15,000 for a larger team

24:45 – More resources on how you can think like a business

28:17 – Sports Sponsorship, a professional’s guide on Amazon

31:19 – I can recommend this public speaking course

33:10 – Check out Autograss, Classic Stock Hatch and the MR2 Championship, if you’re looking to get into racing


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Who is Rob Hedley

Rob Hedley, alongside his wife Claire, runs the Britcar Championship. He is also a racing driver and has competed in a variety of series including British GT. He has many years experience searching for sponsorship and understands why drivers need to treat themselves like a business.

What you’ll learn

  • Where Britcar could fit into your racing career
  • How the championship works with sponsors
  • The costs of competing in Britcar
  • Why you should set realistic goals
  • How to work out what you can offer a brand and build a relationship


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