002: Sales tips with Ellory Wells


In this episode I talk to Ellory Wells, the author of Exit Strategy. He’s not in the motorsport sphere but that’s exactly why I chose him to be on my show. These are sales tips from a man who has worked in all kinds of high flying sales jobs and now dedicates his time helping entrepreneurs to build businesses and fulfil their dreams. There was so much synergy here that I just had to get him on for episode two of the Racing Mentor podcast.

Ellory has been a big inspiration to me and it’s his content and podcasts that were one of the motivating factors in me finally setting up this website.

Listen as we talk about finding the right people to approach about sponsorship, the importance of following up, how to find people with the money to sponsor you and how to develop your personal brand.

0:46 – Find out more about Ellory’s journey here

04:44 – Check out authors Dave Ramsey and John Maxwell

06:25 – The book Ellory is referring to is Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

06:50 – The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield

09:35 – Find the avatar worksheet here

18:23 – Ellory’s book, Exit Strategy

28:00 – Survivallife.com

30:00 – Just sharing the Felipe Massa love

34:17 – Just in case you aren’t aware what barrel racing is, check out this video


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Who is Ellory Wells

From his website: “I was once a corporate rock star who was actually quite miserable at his job. On the surface, I had all the trophies and all the success, but on the inside, I was frustrated and angry. Now, after building my coaching business, I get to help busy, frustrated professionals develop an exit strategy from their unsatisfying day job and pursue their own business.”

What you’ll learn

  • A bit more about Ellory Wells and his background
  • Sales tips to help you sell yourself
  • How to start thinking like a business and why personal development is so important
  • How to qualify a potential sponsor on price

Ellory’s book