001: What you can learn from my story


In this episode I talk about myself. It’s not too long but in it you’ll find out a bit more about me beyond my role in motorsport.

02:00 – @RacingMentor on Twitter, let me know who you’d like to hear on this podcast.

03:30 – A link to my marketing agency, Jet Social.

03:53 – Find out more about Jess the journalist here.

03:55 – And here’s the Turn Eight blog.

04:45 – Need a pep talk? Email me: jess@racingmentor.com

05:51 – Sweary rants on YouTube here.

06:30 – Road Trip on Cambridge TV.

07:32 – Adam Rocks car review.

08:32 – Find out more about Rebecca here.

08:59 – Find out more about Turn Eight Racing.

09:47 – More advice over on the blog!

What you’ll learn

  • About your host and mentor, Jess Shanahan
  • Her experience in motorsport
  • The career choices she made
  • How you can achieve anything you put your mind to
  • Four tips for maximising sponsorship