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We work closely with automotive and motorsport businesses to drive sales, reach goals and increase brand awareness. If you’re interested in moving your business forward with expert marketing, web development and consultancy services, please get in touch.

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Business Planning

A formal business plan can help secure investment and loans, or outline the goals and finances of your business. We also provide road mapping sessions for those of you who need to focus your ideas but don’t need a full business plan.

Website Development

We provide a full web development service that ranges from the simple and affordable to more complex projects. While we’re quite at home making websites for businesses, blogs, magazines and those offering important services to the industry, we can also develop web applications, complex web shops, booking systems and more.

Software Development

If you have the need for bespoke software for your business, we can create something that fits your needs exactly. Built using Python, our software can help to streamline your business processes and keep everything running efficiently.

Marketing Consultancy

A lot of businesses don’t need a full-time marketing manager as many duties (such as social media) can be undertaken by junior staff and interns. If this is the case, Racing Mentor can provide marketing consultancy services to help detail a plan that will help you grow and reach your goals. This provides a plan and guidance to staff who will be implementing the marketing strategy. 


Need a copywriter but want someone who is experienced in motorsport? This is important, especially if you need to go into technical detail at any point. Having someone write your content that understands the industry will streamline the process and save on fact-checking and amends.

Content Marketing

Good content is integral to any website or marketing plan. You need to keep your content fresh and we love writing about cars and motorsport. It’s a match made in heaven. I’m very proud to manage a team of motorsport journalists and experienced brand copywriters. While you’d be working closely with me on any content projects, we have the capacity to take on more work than I might have time for on my own.

Project Management

We’re available to manage a number of projects from a race car builds through to the launch of a new business. Again, our goal is to save you money by keeping things on schedule and running smoothly.

Public Relations

If you want to reach more people, attract more customers and need someone to manage your media presence, we offer services from simple press release writing through to full-service PR.

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