How to manage your mental health in motorsport

Motorsport doesn’t usually offer a normal nine-to-five schedule. You’ll work long hours, weekends and evenings. As with any job, sometimes you’ll be around people you love, sometimes you won’t. The work can be physical and demanding. You’ll get tired and drink too much coffee. Sometimes you’ll feel battered and bruised.

How I made £21,000 using LinkedIn

I set out to up my LinkedIn sales game by learning from everyone else’s mistakes. I created a message template that gave obvious benefit to the prospect, explained exactly what I could do and gave a firm call to action. This template helped me to make £21,000 from one client.

How to create a winning brand image

Building your brand is an important part of your career in motorsport. It doesn’t matter if you’re a racing driver, business owner, or someone looking for another career in the industry. Your brand helps people to identify with you and tells the world where you fit in.