Racing Mentor joins forces with Student Motorsport

Website developments, racing courses and more

We’re pleased to announce that we’re teaming up with Student Motorsport, a portal that helps students make their way into a motorsport career.

This is a partnership that brings two likeminded brands together to serve those looking to move into a career in the motorsport industry. For anyone that dreams of being a driver, engineer, PR, journalist or something else within the industry,  Student Motorsport and Racing Mentor will provide courses guidance, coaching, education and work placements.

Racing Mentor will also be working to develop a new version of the Student Motorsport website. This will build on the current site with new features and a whole new look. The goal for the team involved is to improve the user experience, increase sign ups and better serve existing users.

John Paul Latham, founder of Student Motorsport says: “I’m excited about all the new developments coming to the website and what it’ll do for our members. There’s huge synergy between Student Motorsport and Racing Mentor and I’m getting first-hand experience of what our members will get from working with Jess and her team.”

Racing Mentor provides sponsorship coaching to racing drivers as well as educational resources for anyone looking to start a career in the industry. Director Jess Shanahan says: “I’m so excited to be teaming up with someone as passionate and talented as John Paul. This partnership means our two brands will grow, allowing us to help more people into careers within this competitive industry.”

Alongside the website, the two parties are involved in creating a new kind of Racing Mentor course, which focusses on race car preparation for drivers and mechanics. A full announcement will be made very soon.

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Student Motorsport helps students and graduates into work experience with race teams and beyond, gives advice on all aspects of industry life and lists education options open to those looking to work in motorsport. To find out more, as a student, graduate, professional or educator, visit

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