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Packages for all levels and budgets. Whether you’re looking to take the step up to something big or are looking for advice on landing your first sponsor.


The basics of searching for sponsors. Perfect for anyone who is just starting out and needs to know how to get a small, easy win off the bat. I’ll teach you to find relevant people, outline your offering and the benefits then write a killer email. All this is tailored to you and the heights you want to reach.

Time: Two one-hour Skype sessions.

Cost: £100


For those of you who have had some success with searching for sponsorship but need to take the step up to the next level. These sessions can include media training as well as coaching on landing your first five-figure sponsor. With this package, you’ll get ongoing support as you search for sponsors.

Time: Four one-hour sessions

Cost: £250


This package is for those who need to learn a lot quickly and want one-to-one in-person coaching. This is suitable for everyone as all sessions are tailored to you and where you are in your journey. From here you will receive ongoing support to help you in your sponsorship search.

Time: One day

Cost: £350 (plus travel)

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“The coaching was one of the best things we have done, as it has given us all a boost of confidence in how to approach people and businesses.”

Lewis Galer – Racing driver

"My own successes owe a huge debt to Jess' mentoring – she’s been absolutely invaluable"

Adam Johnson – Writer and commentator

Jess Shanahan


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