How to find your passion in motorsport

Passion often isn’t dictated. Passion comes from trying something and falling in love. If you’re struggling to pick a path, perhaps you haven’t found what you’re passionate about yet. Let’s look at how you go from unsure to a new career path.

The importance of image

In the world of social media and instant posting of images and videos, is there a place for professional images? Motorsport photographer Adam Prescott explores the importance of using the right image to build your brand and present yourself in a way that will attract the right people.

What you can learn from Sébastien Buemi’s outburst

There’s a lot you can learn from Sébastien Buemi’s outburst after the first Montreal ePrix. Motorsport is full of passionate people who have a desire to win. It’s no wonder they react in the way they do. Take a look at the video here.