Motorsport Journalism Course

  • No time to retrain at university?
  • Need to find your niche as a journalist?
  • Want to build a blog that brings in money?

This course is designed to help you realise your dream of becoming a motorsport journalist. No matter what people say, a career in this industry isn’t down to luck. It’s down to the right knowledge and a lot of hard work. You’ll get feedback from me, a working motorsport journalist, to help you achieve your dream and stay on track.

Racing Mentor joins forces with Student Motorsport

We’re pleased to announce that we’re teaming up with Student Motorsport, a portal that helps students make their way into a motorsport career. The partnership with usher in a new era of Racing Mentor courses for drivers and engineers.

A day with the College of West Anglia’s Mini Challenge team

I joined the motorsport students at the College of West Anglia to help out on their Mini Challenge team. This gave me an insight into how this professional outfit runs and operates while teaching students valuable skills they can take into their future careers.

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