Become more than just a ROI calculation

Automotive chemical company LIQUI MOLY recently announced its increased investment in the UK and this was a great chance for me to catch up with the brand to talk about its sponsorship of touring car teams, MotoGP drivers and winter sports events.

The ultimate guide to becoming a racing driver

I wrote a piece for Drivetribe all about becoming a racing driver. It talks about costs, the different license types and sponsorship.

Don’t make these mistakes when contacting sponsors

We’ve all been there, sending amazing sponsorship pitches but hearing absolutely nothing. It’s disheartening but there is a way to combat this and it’s about more than the volume of emails you send out.

Tell me what you find challenging about sponsorship

If you’re a racing driver and you have thought about seeking sponsorship or are actively trying, I need you.

Why you need to stop begging for sponsorship on social media

Stop begging for sponsorship, it doesn’t work. Here are some ways to improve your social posts and attract new sponsors.

Join the Sponsorship Bootcamp for FREE

The Sponsorship Bootcamp is the product of many hours of work that bring all my knowledge of this industry right to your inbox. It’s four lessons that take you through defining your offering to pitching to a brand.

Find sponsorship at a car show

Autosport and other car shows can be very valuable for racing drivers looking to pick up some support for the season ahead. You need to keep in mind that these businesses are probably being approached by drivers all weekend long so you need something that will help you to stand out.

Racing Mentor partners with Team Holmes Motorsport

Results from the Sponsorship Bootcamp and how it has brought Racing Mentor and Team Holmes Motorsport together.

Coffee: Your secret sponsorship weapon

I shared something from Ramit Sethi of IWT on the Racing Mentor Facebook community page. It gave an example of an email Ramit opened in 30 seconds and shows that coffee is key but not the clincher.

Should you ask for product sponsorship instead of cash?

There are plenty of benefits to getting product sponsorships, especially if it’s early on in your career. Before I touch on how to approach a company for this kind of partnership, here’s some reasoning behind the benefits with some experiences of my own.

Land a job with Jaguar Land Rover and Gorillaz

Jaguar Land Rover has hired the first of the next generation of electronics and software engineering geniuses following the recent code-breaking recruitment challenge within the Gorillaz app.

Formula One enters into esports

For the very first time, Formula 1 fans and gamers will have the chance to compete against each other with the same target as the 20 real Formula 1 drivers: to become World Champion! The competition, starting in September 2017, will see gamers from all over the world battle it out to uncover the best virtual F1 driver from across the globe.

How to find your passion in motorsport

Passion often isn’t dictated. Passion comes from trying something and falling in love. If you’re struggling to pick a path, perhaps you haven’t found what you’re passionate about yet. Let’s look at how you go from unsure to a new career path.

The importance of image

In the world of social media and instant posting of images and videos, is there a place for professional images? Motorsport photographer Adam Prescott explores the importance of using the right image to build your brand and present yourself in a way that will attract the right people.

What you can learn from Sébastien Buemi’s outburst

There’s a lot you can learn from Sébastien Buemi’s outburst after the first Montreal ePrix. Motorsport is full of passionate people who have a desire to win. It’s no wonder they react in the way they do. Take a look at the video here.